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CAS has been designed as a Consulting Administration tool. CAS is not an Accounting system, rather it is designed to complement an accounting system and manage hours, costs and invoicing on Jobs. CAS provides all the functionality needed to manage the Consulting aspects of Jobs throughout their duration.

There are a number of features that set CAS apart from other systems currently available

Comprehensive Job Reporting

CAS provides Comprehensive Job Reporting allowing you to manage and control Jobs. The Job Report in CAS gives you exactly the information you need over any nominated period – it includes detailed hours, charges and costs since the Last Invoice in the nominated period and over the whole nominated period along with actual invoiced amounts and performance against budget.

Easily group any Jobs / Stages combining their data together in a single Job report.



CAS allows both small and large Jobs to be managed with ease. Large Jobs are typically broken down into many ‘Job Stages’ and controlled accordingly. Smaller Jobs may have no Job Stages at all. Reporting on the Job as a whole, any grouping of Job Stages or an individual Job Stage is handled with ease. Individual Job Stages can have there own Charge Scale with special Charge Rates for Employees.


Multi Stage Jobs

CAS allows Jobs to be broken down into multiple ‘stages’ for easier management control. Any number of Job Stages is allowed and reporting for individual Job Stages or any combinations of Job Stages and Jobs is provided.

Automate Invoicing

CAS allows you to invoice any Job at any time and can automatically capture all hours and costs since the last issued invoice. You have complete control and can edit invoices eg. to adjust costs and hours as you see fit.

Charge Scales and Charge Rates

CAS allows an unlimited number of Charge Scales, each having individual hourly Charge Rates for each Employee. Changing Charge Rates during the life of a Job merely requires creating a new Job Stage using the required Charge Scale.


CAS allows you to budget costs and individual employee hours against each Job / Stage. Cost and Timesheet data entry forms display the remaining budget ‘live’, so there is no excuse for employees not knowing how they are going against budget.


The weekly timesheet entry form makes data entry simple and minimises the chance of errors.

  •  Hours can’t be entered against a Job / Stage marked as ‘Closed’ or ‘Work Complete’.

  •  Hours can’t be entered against dates before a Job / Stage is started.

  •  Budget hours, Total hours and Remaining hours against the budget for each Job / Stage are displayed.


CAS allows you to define any number of Cost Categories to suit your business needs. The costs entry form makes data entry simple and minimises the chance of errors.

  •  Costs accrued before the End Date of the last Issued Invoice generates a warning.

  •  Costs accrued before the End Date of a current Invoice generates a reminder to refresh the invoice.

Timesheet Application

A separate ‘stand alone’ Timesheet applications is available for CAS. This application is a small executable that does not require Microsoft Access to be running on the Client PC. It runs without taking up a lot of system resources and is ideal for ‘power’ users (eg. CAD) or users working on PCs with limited RAM.

  •  Allows users to enter, edit and print their timesheet data – in the same manner as the main CAS timesheet form.

Simple Consistent Windows Interface

CAS uses a simple and consistent Windows interface to minimise data entry errors and maximise productivity. Data entry forms use colour coding to clearly show you required and optional data. CAS has powerful data browsers that allow easy searching on complex criteria and allows data sets to be exported direct to Excel, Word etc.

Open System Design

CAS has been designed from the outset to allow you to extend and customise the system to meet your exact needs. Using Microsoft Access (the exact system CAS was developed in and runs under), there is no limit to the customisation options. User defined ‘keys’ are provided for most data to allow interfacing with other systems eg. Accounting packages.

A Single Secure Source for All Your Consulting Management Data

All your Company’s consulting data is in one place and available to all who need it with full database security control, to ensure information and reports are only available to the users you nominate.

True Multi User System

CAS is a true multi user system using a standard Microsoft Access Database. CAS easily handles up to 50 simultaneous users, so users can all enter data when they need to and generate reports that are up to date.


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