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At OPTECH, we make systems that work quickly and efficiently, we deliver them on time and to budget and that means real productivity gains for you.

Almost every software developer knows a bit about databases. What sets OPTECH apart from the rest, is that we are experts specialised in database design and solutions. There are two main areas that give OPTECH the edge.

Database Design

Most people have heard horror stories of systems that look great in development and either failed miserably or ran very slowly in operation. Typically these failures relate to poor database design.

Database design is not yet an exact science. There is no substitute for OPTECH's experience in determining a design that gives efficient, fast operation and allows cost effective staged development and implementation.

User Interface

Bells and whistles do not get the job done. An intuitive, simple and consistent interface ensures users can enter, find and edit the data they need to access. This same approach ensures concise timely reporting of key information.

At OPTECH we pride ourselves on providing interfaces that really 'work for you'.


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